The Last Language Textbook is a community project built by people like you. If you are interested in adding your voice to the collaboration, we would like to hear from you.

For Teachers

If you have a passion for helping people learn languages and want to spend the summer building feely available teaching materials to help the people in your community, we may be able to offer you a fellowship to help expand the Last Language textbook. If you are interested in learning more please send a brief message to "contact [at] thelastlanguagetextbook [dot] org" with a description of your teaching background and the materials you would like to build for your community.

For Individuals

There are many ways to get involved, regardless of your language skill level or background. We need native speakers of English or Spanish who can record audio examples to share with the world. We need community organizers who can set up new language exchange groups in their communities to use the free materials we have built, and we need teachers and students of other languages who are interested in expanding those materials to cover new languages and language combinations.

However you are interested in getting involved, send us a note at "contact [at] thelastlanguagetextbook [dot] org".

Learn more

You can keep up with the project on the main wiki site and on our blog.

For any questions about group participation, sponsorship, or other feedback about the Last Language Textbook, please write to "contact [at] thelastlanguagetextbook [dot] org".